‘Hotel Transylvania’: How doodles brought Dracula to life [Video]

When Genndy Tartakovsky came aboard to direct “Hotel Transylvania,” the computer-animated 3-D comedy about Dracula operating a resort for monsters, he brought something unique to the table: a decidedly old-fashioned aesthetic.

Tartakovsky comes from a traditional 2-D animation background, having created the Cartoon Network shows “Dexter’s Laboratory” and “Samurai Jack,” and the Moscow-born director is an avowed film of the zany, cartoonish sensibility of animators like Chuck Jones and Tex Avery (both of whom worked on “Looney Tunes,” among others).


As shown in the video above by Sony Pictures Animation, Tartakovsky applied his customary 2-D approach to “Hotel Transylvania,” using a digital pen and tablet to sketch over computer renderings and often giving the characters more exaggerated poses and caricature-like expressions.

The end result was a familiar Dracula with a few new tricks up his cape. Check out the video for more.


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