Quiz: Test your knowledge of the Oscars

(Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles Times)

Sure, the Oscars aren’t until February, but The Season is here already: the jockeying for best movie release dates, campaigning for attention, and most important of all, getting people chatting about films and awards.

So, lest you get caught unprepared the next time someone muses, “I wonder how the Oscar got its name?” brush up on your Academy Awards knowledge now with our trivia quiz.

Do you know which comedian has hosted the most ceremonies? And what’s with Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio?


Test your knowledge with the quiz below. And then study the answers before that Oscar-watching party you’re throwing on Feb. 24.

FULL COVERAGE: The Academy Awards

The annual ceremony honoring the industry’s best films has welcomed Hollywood’s finest since 1929. But do you know what year the Oscars were actually broadcast on television? How about the most nominated film of all time?

Need help? Use our Academy Awards timeline for clues.

Now proceed. And don’t forget to share your scores.

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