Amy Adams talks daughter’s crush on ‘Man of Steel’s’ Henry Cavill

Well, the Ministry isn’t the only one with a Krypton-sized crush on “Man of Steel” star Henry Cavill. Apparently, Cavill’s costar Amy Adams is dealing with a little fan of her own.

Sitting down for an interview on “Chelsea Lately” last week, Adams, who plays reporter/love interest to Cavill’s Superman, said her 3-year-old daughter Aviana had quite a hankering for the leading man too.

“It started when she met him, she liked the look of the ‘suit,’ so when he turned around ... she goosed him,” Adams told Chelsea Handler, demonstrating her daughter’s impish behavior.

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“You know what Henry said, ‘Like mother, like daughter!’”

She added: “He’s funny, he’s got a good sense of humor.”

The actress previously boasted that Cavill, 30, was a comely fit for the role in Zach Snyder’s upcoming film, which comes concurrently with the 75th anniversary of the comic book hero.


“It takes a second to adjust, because Henry’s just so good-looking,” Adams recently told Details of her big-screen costar. “He’s dashing with just a hint of danger, and it’s kinda great. It’s super-hidden. But you know there’s a steeliness within him that makes the gentlemanly qualities all the more interesting.”

Adams, 38, said that she auditioned twice to be Lois Lane (one film never got made), a pursuit that appeared to stem from her own lifelong thing for the last son of Krypton.

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“I think my first crush was Superman as well,” she admitted. But it turns out that little infatuation didn’t play out on set.

“The good thing is my crushes are still like I’m 5 years old. There’s nothing. There’s no game. There’s nothing ever going to happen.”

For anyone rooting for a real-life Lois and Clark matchmaking, you’ll be disappointed. Cavill is dating MMA fighter-turned-actress Gina Carano, and Adams has been engaged to Darren Le Gallo since 2008. He’s the father of Aviana.
Director Snyder and his co-producer and wife Debbie Snyder also hit “CBS This Morning” on Monday to talk about their modern take on the iconic character.

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“We read the script and [screenwriters David Goyer and Christopher Nolan] got at him in a way that I think was so relevant, a way we haven’t seen Superman. I think a way that we can really connect to his human side if he has one,” Debbie Snyder said.

“I think, that he’s more vulnerable. When we find him, he’s kind of on this journey of self-discovery and he’s lost in the world,” she added. “Listen, I don’t think you’ll ever know what it’s like to be able to fly or have heat vision. But if you can relate to he was bullied as a kid, he doesn’t know quite where he fits in, those are things you can grasp on to.”

As for casting Cavill, Zack Snyder said he really felt like the relatively unknown British actor “got” the role.

“There are lot of great qualities that Henry has. First of all, he’s not an entirely ugly person. There’s that.” Snyder joked. “He kind of has a Superman persona but then he’s an amazing actor. But also, what comes naturally to Henry, he comes from a military family. I look at Superman as kind of like, if you want to get in the head of a first responder or something -- it’s all volunteer, completely anonymous, he’s just there to help, nothing from me, I just want to help if I can -- and I think that Henry, that makes sense to him.”

“Man of Steel” flies into theaters faster than a speeding bullet Friday. (Sorry, we couldn’t save ourselves from one more Superman pun.)


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