Anna Kendrick: Meryl’s ‘a bro,’ Chris Pine tastes like ‘cinnamon’

Anna Kendrick of "Into the Woods" appears on Bravo's "Watch What Happens Live."
(Charles Sykes / Bravo)

Anna Kendrick brought her pith to Andy Cohen’s clubhouse.

The “Pitch Perfect 2" star, who has a gregarious and expletive-laced Twitter feed, appeared on “Watch What Happens Live’s” last episode of 2015 on Tuesday, and in a spitfire round of “Cinder-Tell-a!” -- so named for her “Into the Woods” alter ego -- the actress dished about her lofty musical costars.

Cohen started off the inquisition with Kendrick having to rate Meryl Streep, who plays the film’s witch, on scale of Meryl to Meryl -- awesome to icy.

“She’s not that Meryl. No. I mean, ‘cause you think Meryl and you think she’s going to be like cold and regal and you have to talk to her about very serious things,” Kendrick said. “She just wants to have a beer and talk about the MTV Movie Awards. She’s just kind of a bro. She’s not super Meryl, for Meryl.”


Got that?

The 29-year-old may very well be a Pine Nut too because she swooned when Cohen asked her what Chris Pine tasted like during their onscreen kiss.

“Cinnamon in a meadow. Dreams,” she said. And his butt was “taut and covered in blue velvet. In pale blue velvet.”

Kendrick also said she was the most upset when actor Jake Gyllenhaal, who was slated to play the Prince, quit the musical to work on “Nightcrawler.”


“I didn’t know anybody on the set and it was a real intimidating cast,” she explained. “I was going to be all alone, I was going to be Sally No Friends. And it’s all your fault, [Jake].”

But things worked out for the better and she befriended actress Emily Blunt, who plays the Baker’s wife.

“She’s real self-deprecating. She’s another one you’d think she’d be like cool and English and icy but she’s the kind of gal that who loves a fart joke and I appreciate that,” Kendrick quipped.

Also happening in the petite star’s life? A campaign for sparkly design house Kate Spade. The brand released its latest commercial earlier this week and it features a decked-out Kendrick singing on her stoop. Watch it here.


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