Executive tweets about the new Bachelorette’s first kiss and implies the series ‘ain’t broke’

If it ain't broke, don't fix it — that's "The Bachelorette" exec producer's attitude toward dinner. Or maybe it's his attitude toward the show in general?

For the last five years, Executive Producer Mike Fleiss has gone with the same menu item on the first night of filming his hit reality TV show, but last week he apparently considered mixing it up in the catering department by choosing Thai food instead of the usual barbecue chicken. Then at the last minute this week he tweeted that he "chickened out" and went with the same American dish that he'd been serving up season after season.

Coincidentally, it seems the franchise apparently considered mixing it up in the casting department as well by choosing half-Filipina and fan fave Caila Quinn (who would have been the show's first mixed-race leading lady) for the coming season. But there was a change of heart, and the franchise went with runner-up Joelle "JoJo" Fletcher as "The Bachelorette," the same traditional female suitor it has been serving up cycle after cycle.

Not that JoJo isn't a wonderful girl.

Fleiss, who says he'll be tweeting inside info about "The Bachelorette" while it's in production, also felt compelled to tell his followers that JoJo's beauty wasn't just skin-deep.

Many people already knew this.

Love is a silly thing

A photo posted by Caila Quinn (@cailaquinn) on

Oh wait, that was Caila.

Fleiss' other tweets from the set included word that JoJo is "fun and full of personality" and has already been kissed, that some of the guys are clingers, and a note hinting at everyone's sleeping arrangements.

That's right, #BachelorNation, don't get any crazy ideas! 'Cause if it ain't broke ...

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