Carrie Fisher insists: I never said Harrison Ford was bad in bed


In her new book, Carrie Fisher reveals she had an affair with Harrison Ford while they were filming “Star Wars.” One thing she says she didn’t reveal, despite a tabloid story to the contrary? His expertise, or alleged lack thereof, in the bedroom.

“Any reports claiming I said Harrison was bad in bed are utterly false,” Fisher told People on Wednesday, echoing the essence of a Tuesday afternoon tweet on the same topic. “Perhaps people should read the book before they write their stories.”

Sounds like she finds your lack of faith disturbing.

Ahead of next week’s release of her book “The Princess Diarist,” Fisher had warmed the hearts of Han Solo-Princess Leia shippers everywhere with the dishy nugget about their “so intense” real-life fling, which happened when they were on location in London.


She was 19, and he was the 33-year-old husband of first wife Mary Marquardt, with whom he has two children.

“It was Han and Leia during the week, and Carrie and Harrison during the weekend,” Fisher told the book’s exclusive-excerpt outlet, People, in a chat published Tuesday — hours after Radar Online’s headline screamed, “Secret Affair Exposed” and said she’d “accused” Ford of less than stellar skills in the sack.

“I would never talk about how someone was in any furniture — chair, bed, coffee table or otherwise,” the actress tweeted.

“The Princess Diarist” is based on journals Fisher kept during her first stint as Princess Leia. According to People, Ford — “such a shining specimen of a man,” in Fisher’s eyes — got a heads-up about the upcoming reveal and also a draft of the book.

Fisher told the outlet that Ford had a dry reaction to the news, which she delivered to him with the caveat that she knew he “was not going to be excited” about her decision to publicize their tryst.

“He went, ‘Lawyer!’”


“It’s been 40 years,” Fisher told the magazine, acknowledging that Ford is “very private” but saying she thought an “appropriate” amount of time had passed. “I didn’t say anything to anybody for years, but it’s not like anyone’s deeply affected by it anymore.”

Ford and Marquardt divorced in 1979 after 15 years together. The actor was married to the late screenwriter Melissa Mathison for 18 years before they separated in 2001. He’s now married to Calista Flockhart, whom he met in 2002 and married in 2010.

It took Fisher less time to talk about an affair she could have had, but didn’t, with Warren Beatty when she was 17, he was in his late 30s and they were working together on “Shampoo.”

“He offered to alleviate the burden of my virginity,” she told People in 2001. “I declined.”

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7:48 a.m., Nov. 17: This article was updated with additional details from Fisher about Ford’s reaction.

This article was originally published at 2:50 p.m., Nov. 16.