Chris Brown, Ebola truther? The singer has a theory about the disease

Chris Brown decided to shut up about Ebola one tweet too late.
(Omar Vega / Associated Press)

Chris Brown might have this whole Ebola situation figured out -- and it’s much more serious than anyone thought.

“I don’t know ... But I think this Ebola epidemic is a form of population control. ... getting crazy bruh,” the singer said in a tweet just after Sunday turned to Monday.

He immediately followed up by saying he needed to shut up.

Maybe Breezy’s been reading the Onion?


Meanwhile, back in reality, a second person in the United States has tested positive for the virus. That’d be a Texas healthcare worker who was among those caring for Thomas Eric Duncan in Dallas. Duncan died Oct. 8 after contracting the disease in Liberia and traveling to the U.S. before he was symptomatic.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Liberia is the worst hit of the three West African nations where the disease is most active (the others are Guinea and Sierra Leone). The death count had topped 4,000 in those countries as of Monday, according to a World Health Organization tally of deaths and reported and confirmed cases.

Ebola has been contained in Nigeria and Senegal, the CDC said. There have also been cases reported -- with 43 dead as of last week -- in the Democratic Republic of Congo, though those are said to be unrelated to the larger outbreak.

One person has died and another has tested positive for Ebola in Spain, the WHO said last week. A total of 15 people in Spain were under observation as of Sunday. A suspected case reported in Brazil turned out to be a false alarm.

Meanwhile, in case Brown is worried, he should know that in Los Angeles County health officials are battening down the hatches, and as of Monday the area was Ebola-free.

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