Is Beyonce pregnant? Some pros and cons

Is Beyonce pregnant? Sure, if you listen to some sources, or no way Jose, if you listen to others.

“Music insiders” reportedly told the New York Post, after the Met Gala last week, that the superstar and wife of Jay-Z is indeed with child. Witness her high-waisted dress, they said. Witness her recent “Good Morning America” interview in which she said she wanted more children.

Then again, a source told People on Monday that the couple is “planning for another baby after her tour is over and things calm down just a bit.” Man, where’s the speculative fun in that?

We suppose those who feel the need to guess for themselves can study pics of Queen Bey at the Met Gala as if they were tea leaves — baby bump tea leaves.


In the absence of any real information, we’re going to get crazy right now with the speculation route, noting some pros and cons on the topic of a potential Beyonce bun in the oven.

Pro No. 1: It’s Beyonce. Everyone loves Beyonce. Especially Beyonce with a baby.

Con No. 1: It could be Beyonce with morning sickness. People don’t love morning sickness quite as much as they love Beyonce. Especially if it pops up while she’s on stage.

Pro No. 2: It’d be a baby. Everyone loves babies. Especially a Beyonce baby.

Con No. 2: It’d be a baby gestating while mom’s on a world tour — one that runs through early August. Assuming she’s, say, 12 weeks pregnant now (a big assumption, don’t get us wrong, this is all still complete speculation), she’d be about six months along by the time the Mrs. Carter Show wraps up in Brooklyn. Though she’d still be cool to fly, according to the Mayo Clinic, would she be cleared to dance? She’s gotta dance.

Pro No. 3: Blue Ivy needs some company. Beyonce said so herself.

Con No. 3: This is Blue Ivy’s time — her “I’m the little diva” time. Cutting that short just wouldn’t be fair. Company can wait.

And time will tell.


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