Video live stream: ‘Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ L.A. premiere

Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson and the stars of “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” will bring their international press tour for the film to Los Angeles on Monday, which will be livestreamed below starting at 6 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.

Freshly pixie-cut Lawrence, 23, who plays Hunger Games victor and expert archer Katniss Everdeen in the films based on Suzanne Collins’ trilogy of young-adult books, has been giving true meaning to her character’s “girl on fire” moniker, practically hovercrafting around the globe with her castmates to promote the second installment of the four-film franchise about an annual death match that takes place in a dystopian, post-apocalyptic North America called Panem.

And just as Katniss and Peeta Mellark traveled high and low to promote their victory, the Dior-clad Lawrence and costars Hutcherson and Hemsworth and the film’s director Francis Lawrence have made stops in Paris, Rome, Madrid, Berlin and London before stopping off at Los Angeles’ Nokia Theatre at L.A. Live -- home of the premieres of another pop culture juggernaut: “The Twilight Saga.”

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In the second film, Katniss and her fellow victor Peeta (Hutcherson) set off for a victory tour on the heels of their shared triumph in the 74th annual Hunger Games, a televised battle to the death among youthful tributes from Panem’s 12 segregated districts. Their controversial appearances on the tour ignite a rebellion in the embattled districts and Panem’s dictator President Snow (Donald Sutherland) schemes to have the two killed.

And (spoiler alert) the events ultimately lead to a deadly twist in the 75th Hunger Games, or third Quarter Quell, orchestrated by head Gamemaker Plutarch Heavensbee (Philip Seymour Hoffman), to draw Katniss, Peeta and other surviving victors from the previous games into a deadly jungle arena.

The cast also includes Hemsworth as Gale Hawthorne, Katniss’ childhood friend and love interest; Woody Harrelson as former District 12 victor and mentor Haymitch Abernathy; Elizabeth Banks as Effie Trinket, the Capitol-styled District 12 escort; Lenny Kravitz as Katniss’ stylist, Cinna; Stanley Tucci as colorful talk-show host Caesar Flickerman; and Sam Claflin as Finnick Odair, a District 4 victor/tribute and one of Katniss’ allies in the arena.

“The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” hits theaters on Nov. 22.


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