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Jennifer Lawrence washes her hands of the bathroom-habits rumor

Jennifer Lawrence isn’t as gross as you think she is

Jennifer Lawrence was both rumor-buster and  “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2" premiere VIP on Monday in Paris.

(Jacques Brinon / Associated Press)

Jennifer Lawrence has finally cracked.

The "Hunger Games" star held her tongue until she could hold it no more. But this rumor is the one she had to debunk, and debunk firmly.

"I hate talking to the Internet but I can't get asked another question about my hygiene on this press tour," she said Monday on Facebook, which is pretty unusual because JLaw doesn't like social media almost as much as she doesn't like the nickname JLaw. "I told MTV I didn't wash my hands after going to the bathroom because I was trying to gross out Josh and Liam and I ended up grossing out the world."

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She didn't offer up that original hand-washing comment unprompted, mind you. In the beginning of October, during a game of Truth or Dare in an interview with MTV News' Josh Horowitz, she and costars Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson were quizzed by MTV News' Josh Horowitz about their costars' grossest habits. After her "revelation," the guys jumped right in.

"And then she likes to come back and literally put her hand all over your face," Hemsworth elaborated.

"What does this smell like?!" Hutcherson added, thrusting his hand forward.

I hate talking to the Internet but I can't get asked another question about my hygiene on this press tour. I told MTV I...

Posted by Jennifer Lawrence on Monday, November 9, 2015

This was, incidentally, the same interview where she shoved eight marshmallows in her mouth at once. Maybe 10, if you count the last two Hemsworth helped her with. Also the one where she admitted she's peed in some sinks.

"Of course I wash my hands after going to the bathroom!," she continued on Facebook. "(I can't believe I've put myself in a situation where I even have to say that.) Anyway with all the rumors I've ever heard about myself this is the one I really had to put to rest."

The bidet reference in the jokey video Lawrence posted Monday with her explanation called back to yet another reference in the MTV News interview: the part where Amy Schumer sent in a "viewer question" asking if the actress had ever peed in a bidet.

In the video, after an off-camera voice tells her she's just gone No. 1 in a bidet, not a toilet, Lawrence says, "It's not a toilet? Oh. Well, then I don't have to wash my hands."

Hutcherson, however, does blow spit bubbles. He even demonstrated during Truth or Dare. Now that is gross ...

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