Justin Bieber arrest: Keyshawn Johnson stoked, Biebs waves to fans


Former NFL star Keyshawn Johnson, a neighbor of Justin Bieber who has had run-ins with the singer, tweeted his excitement at the pop star’s arrest in Miami Beach.

Justin Bieber may have been “crying his eyes out” after appearing in court Thursday in Miami, but his onetime neighbor Keyshawn Johnson was pretty much the opposite.

“They finally caught HIM!,” the former NFL and USC football star tweeted. “Glad no one was hurt, no kids in the street. Everyone grows up at some point. Hopefully he learns from it.”

Bieber, of course, was arrested early Thursday morning on suspicion of DUI, resisting arrest without violence and driving without a valid license; he was released from custody in the afternoon on $2,500 bond after appearing in court via a video link. The arrest came after police came upon the singer and others in an alleged drag-racing setup in a Miami residential neighborhood that saw two cars driving around 55 to 60 mph in a 30-mph zone.

Bieber was driving a rented yellow Lamborghini while the other driver, 19-year-old singer Khalil, was behind the wheel of a rented red Ferrari. Both cars were impounded, and Khalil, real name Khalil Amir Sharieff, was also arrested.


Johnson, who until recently lived in the same gated Calabasas community as the pop star, chased down Bieber in May and attempted to get in the 19-year-old’s face about the dangers of speeding in a neighborhood full of kids — but Bieber ran inside his house and wouldn’t come out, TMZ reported.

(The new owner of Keyshawn’s crib, incidentally, is one Kourtney Kardashian, a mother of two herself.)

“The scary part is grown adults who are w/ him aren’t protecting him from himself!,” Johnson continued Thursday. “All looking for a quick buck. Learning experience for all.”

Bieber’s father, Jeremy Bieber, 38, was reportedly on scene at the time of the arrest and had been hanging out with his son at a Miami club before the incident. The younger Bieber admitted drinking, smoking marijuana and taking prescription medication before driving, according to police. He blew a .011 and .014 on a blood alcohol test, the Miami Herald reported, below the .02 required to suspend an underage driver’s license. He also submitted to a urine test, the paper said, which could reveal drug intoxication. Justin failed a field sobriety test.


The “crying his eyes out,” by the way, was reported Thursday by a People source, who said the Biebs lost his cool upon returning to the detention area after appearing in court via video link.

Upon being released from jail, Bieber was photographed climbing into a seated position on top of a black SUV and waving to fans who’d gathered outside.


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