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When does Kim Kardashian balk at public attention? When she’s breastfeeding

Kim Kardashian won’t breastfeed in public

Kim Kardashian says do what you want, not what she says, when it comes to breastfeeding.

(Jordan Strauss / Associated Press)

Kim Kardashian lives so much of her life in public, but when it comes to breastfeeding, she’s cool with a little privacy.

“Now that I’m a mom, I say whatever makes you comfortable goes,” she wrote on her website Tuesday. “I still personally wouldn’t breastfeed at a restaurant with a bunch of people I didn’t know staring at me.”

Of course, the stakes might be a bit higher for Kardashian than for the average mother of two, given that people would pay big bucks for paparazzi pictures of her breastfeeding over brunch.

“I’ve seen this before and remember tweeting how shocked I was,” Kardashian said. “Now that I’m a mom, I’m not that shocked, especially if you have a few kids and can’t leave to breastfeed one kid in the bathroom while leaving the others at the table.”


She would breastfeed in front of girlfriends, she said, or in public if it were an emergency and she were covered up.

“I think it’s such a natural experience, and I’m not shy about that. I know so many people get backlash for posting breastfeeding pics, but I don’t mind them!”

Ah, Kim, I don’t think we were concerned about you being shy ...

A bigger challenge to breastfeeding her new son Saint? The kid’s big sis, North. 


“North hates when I feed the baby, and she lays on my lap so Saint can’t be right in front of me to eat,” she wrote. “I’ve started to include her: Sometimes I will pump and have her feed him the bottle. That totally worked. ... Now she is my little helper.”

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