Billy Ray Cyrus totally chill about ‘artist’ Miley’s exhibition

Billy Ray Cyrus’ reaction to daughter Miley’s performance at the MTV Video Music Awards in August is not what many daughters could expect from many daddies.

He’s totally chill about the whole thing, he told Piers Morgan on CNN on Thursday.

“Miley harnessed into something very special,” said Papa Cyrus. “She’s just Miley, she’s an artist, she’s real -- I think that what’s happened over the years is Miley has been reinventing her sound. She’s evolving as an artist herself, and I think that all of what everyone is calling controversy now, that’s still my Miley.”

His Miley or not, the racy, foam-finger-enhanced performance was still controversial. Kind of makes you wonder how she behaved at home as a child, in her full-on “Hannah Montana” days -- or maybe not. Don’t want to go there? Neither do we.


So, did Dad have any idea what his daughter was going to pull out of her I’m-an-artist hat when she hit the stage in New York?

“I knew she wanted to do something really special and something that everyone was going to be talking about,” he said -- and, by the way, mission accomplished on that latter part. “I knew that she had put in a great deal of practice and thought into what was going to happen in New York.”

He said he’s never known any great artist that was “lukewarm,” with the world in the middle about them.

Folks are free to love or hate, and love or hate they do. Even those who, as “Hannah Montana” fans, felt uncomfortable with what went down, Morgan noted.

“Well, that’s what music is supposed to do, is make you feel. ... You can either love it or hate it; that’s everyone’s right to do so, ‘cause it’s art,” Cyrus said.

Note to Billy Ray: It might not have been the music that made people uncomfortable. Just throwing that out there, with the latex bikini and the twerking. Don’t mind us. We were just “feeling” like taking a shower after the show, you know?

Yet, we got the idea that he knew perfectly well it wasn’t the music, per se, that got the world’s panties in a bunch on that August night.

“Miley, I think she could’ve sung the song in a flannel shirt and a pair of jeans and it would’ve been just as strong.

“Would we have been here talking about it right now? No way.”

Incidentally, Billy Ray had bailed on Morgan’s show on Aug. 27, two days after the VMAs, giving such short notice that he was still included in the pre-show tease to that night’s guests, E! News reported.

There was no official reason he didn’t show up to discuss Miley’s performance, but Morgan joked, “I’m not sure he’s quite worked out what his explanation is yet, so we’ve decided to postpone it.”

And now we know the explanation. It’s just Miley being Miley.


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