Miranda Kerr’s wardrobe malfunction bares much of model

Miranda Kerr, seen here at the May 6 Metropolitan Museum of Art gala in New York, had a wardrobe malfunction this week that bared her breasts to photographers.
(Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images)

Miranda Kerr had a double wardrobe malfunction during a photo shoot at the beach.

The former Victoria’s Secret “Angel” model and founder of Kora Cosmetics was in Miami on May 15 shooting an ad campaign for her skincare line — not lingerie — when her black sweater took an unforeseen plunge and exposed both her breasts.

The expression on her face is ever-cherubic and Kerr eventually used one hand to shield the peep show, E! News reports. The rest of the shoot is said to have gone just fine.


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Naturally, snapshots of the snafu are making their rounds online. Everyone knows she’s no stranger to baring a bevy of skin and sharing quite a few provocative selfies on Instagram, but this particular shot didn’t make it onto her account.

The model previously posed nude for Kora four years ago for the brand’s first advertising campaign, according to Us Weekly. But she did conceal her breasts with her arm.

Kerr, wife of actor Orlando Bloom, was at the beach shoot with New York-based fashion photographer Mariano Vivanco when the mishap occurred. The Australian model shared a photo of herself on Instagram with Vivanco hugging her from behind that had many of her fans thinking she was disrespecting her husband or wondering if there was trouble in paradise. Especially since her husband is in little to no photos with her on the page.

But she is a model. People want to see photos of her on Instagram, not her husband, right?


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