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Miss Universe 2015’s national costume parade standout? O Canada!

Forget evening gowns and bikinis: The best part of the Miss Universe Pageant each year has to be the parade of national costumes. 

The elaborate headpieces, color-coded gowns and right-on-the-edge-of-offensive cultural nods presented each year are a sight to behold as the tricked-out contestants maneuver across the stage.

Miss USA rocks red, white and blue for 2015 in an outfit that incorporates stars, stripes and a hint of an eagle’s wings. (Back in 2010, Miss USA Rima Fakih would ultimately win the whole shebang after sporting stripper heels and gold-lamé wings with a skin-tight bodysuit.)

That said, there’s another North American lady who blows the rest of the field out of the water. We’re talking about you, Miss Canada.


Chanel Beckenlehner rocked 11 hockey sticks, NHL-inspired shoulder and elbow pads and, on her sequined breastplate, a sparkling red-and-white maple leaf. A piece of hockey net fronted her skirt, just above laced-up black shin guards. A hockey scoreboard rose behind her.

And she had a miniature Stanley Flippin’ Cup on her head.

Top that, soccer-playing nations. Ain’t gonna happen.

Interest piqued? Click through the photo gallery above to see dozens of contestants in their no-place-like-home finest. Miss Canada is picture No. 2.


The 63rd Miss Universe Pageant airs Saturday at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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