Nicole Polizzi having baby No. 2, 'pregnancy venting' over leak

Nicole Polizzi having baby No. 2, 'pregnancy venting' over leak
Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi is pregnant with her second child. (Charles Sykes / Invision/AP)

It'll be another bambino or bambina for Nicole Polizzi: Snooki has announced she's pregnant with her second child.

And guess what: She's a grown woman who will go into "momma bear" mode to protect her family.


"Jionni and I are so excited to confirm that we are expecting our second child! Now knowing that our test results are good and our baby is healthy, we can finally talk about it!" the petite "Jersey Shore" alum revealed Friday in a lengthy blog post. But her excitement was not without disappointment that the news had leaked before she and fiance Jionni LaValle were ready to reveal it to the public.

"Unfortunately, like my first pregnancy, I decided to tell a select few people that we were expecting before the 3rd month mark, and it got leaked to certain media outlets," the 26-year-old "Snooki & JWoww" star wrote.

"Again, it has happened with my second. I just want to say HOW THRILLED we are on expecting our second child and we couldn't be any happier. But what sucks is how it's never our business to tell anymore. It's always certain media that decide to tell our wonderful news BEFORE we are ready."

The MTV star said she understands that she's on a reality show and shares "98%" of her family's life with fans. However, she wanted to break the news personally and in her own time rather than "some tabloid headline trying to make a quick buck."

"It's not that we want to keep it a secret, but we want to share our business at the right time. We want to make sure our testing is good and when we feel, as parents, is right to say we are expecting, that's when we do so!" she added. "Be sure that when I'm expecting my third child, I will not tell a soul for the privacy and protection of my family."

The "Baby Bumps" author did confirm the pregnancy news to Us Weekly, adding that she's due in the fall and that they wanted their children to be close in age.

"Jionni and I were trying to have our second baby since November, so every month we kept taking tests," she told the mag. "I'm due in the fall around my wedding time. Busy year!"

Now back to her blog post ...

Snooki also called out the people who said she got pregnant to "outshine" her best friend Jenni "JWoww" Farley," who is pregnant with her first child, saying that she and her costar always wanted to be pregnant at the same time. She said she disregarded negative press about her but wouldn't do the same when it came to her family.

"I'm a momma bear and I will stick up for my family until the day I die, and even after that," the former party girl wrote.

Polizzi went on to name names, calling out a blogger making fun of her for "reproducing" again and insisted that said writer "keep the 2012 jokes to yourself." (Here at the Ministry, we will always refer to Snooki as a "self-proclaimed meatball" per her wishes.)


Indeed, the leopard-print-loving reality star parlayed her popularity into a sustainable lifestyle by locking in several book deals, starting her own clothing line and Snooki Slippers shoe line, representing recording artists, competing on "Dancing With the Stars" and appearing in several guest TV spots.

Snooki and LaValle welcomed her their first child, a son named Lorenzo, back in August 2012 and are still living in LaValle's parents' basement. He popped the question in March 2012 and the couple has set a wedding date for later this year, which she also addressed in her "pregnancy venting" blog posts, given that they're getting flack for having another child out of wedlock.

"We are doing fine I assure you," she wrote. "We planned to have a second child before our wedding, and will indeed still be getting married in the fall of 2014. We are a committed family that will raise our children to be the best they can be and give them the best life we can give them. So please, enough with the rude marriage comments. We are getting there, just waiting for the right time. He is my best friend and trust me, we will be together until death do us part. (And even in the afterlife I will be stalking his ass)"

She added that the wedding is still on as scheduled and "it will take the apocalypse to change that."

Is this the same drunken girl who got punched in the face on "Jersey Shore"? We think not.

Brava, Snooki.


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