Patrick Stewart crumbles under assault from singing, dancing Santa hat


Patrick Stewart may be a fine actor, but even he couldn’t act as if his singing, dancing, light-up Christmas hat was anything but ridiculous.

The 74-year-old’s wife, Sunny Ozell, appears to be the one giggling behind the camera throughout the video, above, which she uploaded to YouTube on Christmas Eve and Stewart sent out on Twitter with the greeting, “Merry Christmas!”

Stewart makes a valiant but not altogether successful attempt to maintain a straight face while the hat serenades him with “We Are Santa’s Elves.”


(This random YouTube guy actually did slightly better with the deadpan back in 2011, perhaps because his hat had no lights? At any rate, the woman behind the camera in that effort caved to her giggles as badly as Ozell did.)

You’d think Stewart’s time hooked up to Cerebro would have prepared him for this kind of seasonal challenge ...

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