Taylor Swift and new man Calvin Harris keep the PDA going in WeHo

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have been spotted in Nashville and the L.A. area looking pretty darned coupley.
Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have been spotted in Nashville and the L.A. area looking pretty darned coupley.
(Kevin Winter / Getty Images, left; Facundo Arrizabalaga / EPA, right)

If Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris aren’t a couple, they’re sure doing a great job of faking it. Yup, looks as if TSwift’s long not-dating-anyone stretch is over.

The two performers, who reportedly met in February at a Brit Awards after-party, were getting handsy in WeHo on Thursday night on their way out of a Haim benefit concert at the Troubador, Yahoo Celebrity reported.

Swift was there to support the three singing sisters who will open for her “1989” tour, Yahoo said. Meanwhile, DJ-singer Harris made a record with them last year. But we doubt the Haim ladies made her hold hands with Harris, or made her sit on his lap, or pushed him to put his hand on her knee in the car as they drove away.


Harris, 31, and the “Blank Space” babe, 25, previously got cozy at a late-March Kenny Chesney concert in Nashville, where she made a surprise appearance on stage. A TMZ source had them smooching, and they were caught on video holding hands.

All that after there were spotted doing the matchy-matchy thing during a trip to a Nashville Whole Foods that same day.

Swift told Rolling Stone in September that she hadn’t even gone on a date since breaking up with Harry “I Knew You Were Trouble” Styles in January 2013.

“People are going to feel sorry for me when you write that,” she said. “But it’s true.”

She was tired of her love life playing out as a “national pastime,” she told the magazine, and didn’t “have the energy to be in love” right then.

As for Harris (real name Adam Wiles) it looks as if he’s also had a change of heart since then, when a British radio show had him swiping left -- as in, rejecting -- TSwift in a celebrity version of Tinder.

“She’s just the opposite of my type,” he told the Capital Breakfast show (via TMZ) in November. “She looks lovely. She the opposite of my type, so I would just go left.”

Could be love -- or could be business. Either way, it’s fun to see Swifty back in the game.

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