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Blackwell’s worst

Meryl Streep: From Streep you could weep! Her Beauty-of-a-career cannot be denied — but that Beast-of-a-Wardrobe is pure Mother of the Bride. (Katy Winn / Getty Images)
Paula Abdul: Wrapped in floral fiascos that grow moldier by the hour…she’s a lumpy stem…on a bumpy flower. A fallen fashion “Idol”! (Béatrice de Géa / LAT)
Sandra Oh: Oh, Sandra! Drowning in beads, bangles and prehistoric bows, she’s layered lunacy - from toes to nose! (Béatrice de Géa / LAT)
Tori Spelling: All chills and no thrills - guess Tori’s “Down and Out in Beverly Hills!” She’s definitely under fashion duress — positive proof that More is really Less! (Phil McCarten / AP)
Sharon Stone: It’s clear Sharon’s misplaced her fashion gift — she looks like an over-the-hill Cruella De Ville — after a seismic shift! (Vince Bucci / Getty Images)
Mariah Carey: Mariah “The Fashion Pariah” has finally found her stylistic niche…let’s crown her the Queen of Catastrophic Kitsch! (Shizuo Kambayashi / AP)
Christina Aguilera: La Diva Christina is a dazzling singer…but she puts good taste through the wardrobe wringer! — all crass, no class! (Stephen Chernin / AP)
Lindsay Lohan: Tragically trapped in fashion’s fast lane…looks like Lindsay’s ready to remake “Baby Jane.” From adorable to deplorable. (Jacques Brinon / AP)
Camilla Parker-Bowles: The Duchess of Dowdy Strikes Again! In feathered hats that were once the rage…she resembles a petrified parakeet - from the Jurassic Age …A royal wreck! (Kirsty Wigglesworth / Pool)
Britney Spears / Paris Hilton: Two peas in an over-exposed pod! Style-free and fashion deprived…ladies and gentlemen, the “SCREAMGIRLS” have arrived! (Getty Images)