Jon and Kate Gosselin
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Big celebrity families

By Deborah Netburn and Emily Christianson

Jon and Kate Gosselin shot to stardom when they took their super-sized family to a TLCreality show called “Jon and Kate Plus 8.” The Pennsylvania couple flaunted their life and their little ones -- twin daughters and a set of sextuplets, for the world to see and America couldn’t get enough. Life in the spotlight proved to be too much for Jon and Kate and the couple eventually split, but the show must go on. Now, TLC is relaunching, “Kate Plus 8" -- with Jon dropping by for a cameo once in a while. Ouch! (Michael Pilla / Getty Images)
Every once in a while the song “Doo Wap” (That Thing) comes bouncing out of the radio and one wonders whatever happened to Lauryn Hill, possibly the most talented woman working in music in the 1990s. Answer? The industry made her crazy so she decided to duck out and have babies instead. Fair enough, but we wish she had stayed in music. She’s currently got five kids with Rohan Marley (yup, that Marley) -- Zion, Selah, Joshua, John and a fifth child born in early 2008. (Scott Gries / ImageDirect)
Heavyweight boxing champion and grilling machine mogul George Foreman claimed he always wanted his 10 children to remember who was the boss. To help remind them, he named his five sons sequentially: George Jr., George III, George IV, George V and George VI. The daughters have had an easier time, with the names Michi, Freeda George, Georgetta, Natalie and Leola. But they didn’t get to be in Doritos commercials. (AP)
Before there was Angelina there was Mia Farrow. Downy haired and freckle faced, the actress was adopting kids from foreign locals when Miss Jolie was still in diapers. Over the years Farrow has amassed a brood that totals 14. With her first husband Andrew Previn she adopted three children and birthed 3 children. With long time life partner Woody Allen she adopted two children and birthed one. And then she adopted five additional children as a sole parent. Plus, several of her children have disabilities that make them “difficult to place” in adoption speak. Take that Jolie! (Emile Wamsteker / AP)
Charlie Chaplin’s marriage to his fourth wife, Oona O’Neill (daughter of playwright Eugene O’Neill) was long and by many accounts emotionally satisfying for the silent film star. Their marriage lasted through Chaplin’s self-imposed exile in Switzerland, where the couple apparently had a lot of time on their hands: Oona bore eight of Chaplin’s 11 children. (Edward Steichen)
Mel Gibson’s conservative Catholic views are widely known. Considering the church’s views on birth control, it should come as no surprise that Gibson’s family is larger than the typical Hollywood star’s - six sons and one daughter. He’s not finished yet. Gibson and his girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva, (he separated from his wife, Robyn, of 28 years in April 2009) are expecting a baby in December. Now, he calls himself “Octo-Mel.” (Ronaldo Schemidt / AFP/Getty Images)
Though his annual muscular dystrophy telethon raises millions each year for “Jerry’s Kids,” Jerry Lewis’ real life kids have gotten much less attention. He has six sons, the oldest is 62. With his second wife he had one daughter, born in 1992. (Masahiko Yamamoto / AP)
Eddie Murphy, third from left, with unidentified family members, had five children with his wife of 13 years. He also has two sons from two previous relationships. After his divorce in 2006, he briefly dated former Spice Girl Melanie Brown, who got pregnant and claimed Murphy was the father. Murphy eventually conceded that he was the father, making the girl his eighth child. (Hector Mata AFP/Getty Images)
In some cultures having a ton of children and being able to care for all of them is a sign of power. In modern day Los Angeles it’s a sign of affluence. So it should come as no surprise that Steven Spielberg (shown with daughter Sasha) one of the most powerful and richest of Hollywood’s major players has seven kids. In typical LA fashion the large family is not conventional: he’s got one biological kid from an early marriage to Amy Irving, three biological kids with current wife Kate Capshaw, two kids that he adopted with Capshaw and one step daughter. Sprawling! (Mark J. Terrill / AP)
Jerry Lee Lewis had six wives and six kids. Rock & Roll baby! (Mogens Flindt / EPA)