It’s Batman Day! Here’s how to celebrate

Will Arnett voiced arguably one of the best Batman representations (including "The Animated Batman" and Adam West's Batman) in "The Lego Movie."

Will Arnett voiced arguably one of the best Batman representations (including “The Animated Batman” and Adam West’s Batman) in “The Lego Movie.”

(Courtesy of Warner Bros. Picture / AP)

Today is the day when we celebrate heroes with scream whispers and complicated relationships with their parents (and butler). It’s Batman Day! And here is how you can celebrate the bat-day in Los Angeles.

Free bat-comics

Batman Endgame Special Edition No. 1 will be available for free at comic shops, book stores and various libraries. This includes Hot Topic, Best Buy, FYE and Gamestop, but you should probably call ahead.

Get it bat-signed


There are seven different signings happening in California. Paul Dini will be at Vroman’s Bookstore at 11:30 a.m., Len Wein at 12 p.m. at Galaxy of Comics, Chris Burnham at 12 p.m. at House of Secrets in Burbank, Dustin Nguyen at 1 p.m. at the Anaheim Library, Brian Buccellato and Kyle Higgins will be together at 2 p.m. at Meltdown Comics, and DCE Co-Publisher and artist Jim Lee will be signing “Hush” at the Barnes & Noble at The Grove at 2 p.m.

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If you’re not in California there are signings happening across the U.S. Check out DC’s Batman Day signing calendar for more details.



Can’t make it to a signing? Or not particularly interested in leaving your bat-cave? We got you. Celebrate your housebound self with this free Batman activity book that includes coloring pages, cut-out masks and puzzles, all batman themed.

Free bat-cakes

The first 100 customers who go into a Sprinkles cupcake shop dressed like Batman (now you see what the Batman activity cut -out book was for) get free Dark Knight cupcakes. Because when we think of Batman, we always think of cupcakes.

May the bat be with you.