Watch the tiny world of Laika come to life at Universal Studios Hollywood

Laika studios is bringing their tiny world in from Portland, Oregon to Los Angeles, California at a special event at Universal Studios Hollywood. Here’s a quick look at “From Coraline to Kubo: A Magical LAIKA Experience.”


One thing Laika films understands is how to pack a whole lot of substance into a teeny, tiny world. Each stop-motion, animated film from “Coraline” to “Boxtrolls” came with their own, hand-crafted universe. And now those small worlds are coming to California. Check out this exclusive preview of the Laika special event premiering at Universal Studios Hollywood. 

In anticipation of “Kubo and the Two Strings,” which opens in theaters Aug. 19, Laika has set up an exhibit of sorts in L.A. titled, “From Coraline to Kubo: A Magical Laika Experience” starting Friday.  

The interactive experience will have props and puppets from its new feature film, “Kubo and the Two Strings,” as well as sets from the Academy Award-nominated films “Coraline” (2009), “ParaNorman” (2012) and “The Boxtrolls” (2014). 

And we’ve got an exclusive, early look via time lapse video of the Laika crew resurrecting their little worlds. Check out the behind-the-scenes footage of their handcrafted movies. 

“From Coraline to Kubo: A Magical Laika Experience” 

Where: Universal Studios Hollywood’s Globe Theatre

When: Aug. 5 to 14

Admission: Included with price of admission to the theme park

Info: (800) 864-8377,

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