How everyone freaked out over Sunday night's jaw-dropping 'Game of Thrones'

(HBO )

"Game of Thrones" dropped a very large plot twist Sunday night that many fans have been impatiently waiting for since the last finale. Spoilers ahead, turn back if you haven't seen the latest episode.

The last few seconds of "Home" brought a gasping Jon Snow back from the dead (thanks to a little Melisandre magic). And the immediate reactions online were all a pretty joyous mix of shock and surprise.

However, some folks were just glad the long reign of Jon Snow truthers was over. Now the series can focus on what's next as opposed to fixating on what we all saw coming.

And whatever is next, it's probably not going to be good for those who turned on their Lord Commander.

Meanwhile other fans were fixated on that adorable dire wolf, Ghost.

But maybe don't forget that Westeros is a terrible, terrible place. And the biggest trick "Game of Thrones" ever pulled? Making you cheer for a child-murdering fire zealot.

What's next for the newly alive Jon Snow, well, if the title of the next episode, "Oathbreaker," is any clue, he's not sticking around the wall for much longer. Taking the black oath lasts only until death, and I think we can all say that Jon has met that requirement.