‘Jessica Jones’ re-teams with original creators for a new comic series


Marvel has made it official: Jessica Jones will be headlining her own comic book series once again – and she’ll be reunited with creators Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos, as well as “Alias” cover artist David Mack. 

After the Netflix series introduced the rough, superpowered, superhero-turned-private investigator (played by Krysten Ritter) to a broader audience last year, it seemed it would just be a matter of time until Marvel worked out a way to give fans more Jessica Jones. According to IGN, however, this new series had been in the works even before the show’s debut.

“Marvel’s Jessica Jones” was adapted from Bendis and Gaydos’ series “Alias.” The series ran for 28 issues from 2001 to 2004. The last time Jessica Jones was the main star in an ongoing comic series was Bendis’ “The Pulse,” which ran from 2004 to 2006 (although she has appeared in comics since then). 

And, as Marvel’s release itself points out: “A lot has changed in the Marvel Universe over the past ten years.” Least of all to Jessica Jones herself – who in the comic book universe has a child, Danielle, with husband (and former Avenger) Luke Cage. 

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“We're going to open up a book where Jessica's world has blown up in her face,” Bendis told IGN. “She's at a place you'll least expect her. You're going to find all of her relationships have altered. And we're slowly going to find out why.”

The new “Jessica Jones” series will see Jessica investigating mysteries that have been left unresolved through the many major events that have affected the Marvel universe over the past 10 years. It will also show how Jessica has been affected by becoming a mother. 

"Luke and Jessica have tried to raise a baby in a very dangerous environment,” said Bendis, referring to his run as the writer on “New Avengers.” “You're raising a baby in Avengers Mansion and somebody's trying to knock that building over every four days … so your perspective changes, and as an investigator and a detective her perspective will change because she's a mother.”

Bendis also reassured fans that he sees stories that “celebrate this part of her life and at the same time complicates it to a degree that a lot of people can relate to. I think a lot of people can relate to trying to 'do it all.'”

“Jessica Jones” No. 1 is slated for a fall release. See the full cover image by David Mack below. 


(David Mack / Marvel)

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