‘Warrior Princess’: Xena and Gabrielle still hang out in real life

Xena and Gabrielle have been reunited and all is right in the world.

Following recent news that a "Xena: Warrior Princess" reboot is in the works at NBC, actresses Lucy Lawless, who played the titular Warrior Princess, and Renee O'Connor, who played Xena's companion and bard turned Amazon Queen Gabrielle, posed for a reunion selfie Lawless posted on Instagram.

Still hanging with my gal #Reneeoconnor @reallucylawless #xena #gabrielle

A photo posted by Lucy lawless (@reallucylawless) on

Fans will remember that Xena and Gabrielle met in "Xena's" first episode when the Warrior Princess rescues the then-farm girl from a warlord. Gabrielle then decides to follow Xena on her journey of redemption, and the two develop a close bond as the series progressed.

When the series ended in 2001, Xena, who was killed and decides to remain dead in order to grant peace to the souls of the many who had died because of her, is seen as a spirit with the very much alive Gabrielle, who is setting off to continue in Xena's footsteps.

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After the news broke that a "Xena" reboot was in the works, Lawless turned to social media to respond that it was "just a rumor."

Lawless remained tight-lipped about any "Xena" news at the Television Critics Assn. press tour on Friday during her appearance to promote her new series "Ash vs Evil Dead."

While it seems Bruce Campbell is ready to jump back into Autolycus' shoes, fans may be waiting a while to hear more news on the "Xena" reboot, especially from Lawless. But hey at least they have this photo and six seasons worth of memories.

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