‘Luke Cage’ gets a ‘90s sitcom makeover with ‘Family Matters’ theme song


Marvel’s Netflix shows tend to be a little darker than their network TV counterparts, and “Luke Cage” is no exception. But thanks to the Internet, fans can see a glimpse of what a more cheerful, ’90s sitcom version of the show might look like.

Played by Mike Colter, Luke Cage is a street-level hero with unbreakable skin and a tragic past first introduced in “Jessica Jones.” His solo show sees Cage return to Harlem in an attempt to escape the world of superheroes and villains, only for more tragedy to pull him into becoming the bulletproof hero and defender his friends and community need him to be.

It’s far from a recipe for lighthearted laughs, but it turns out, the show’s characters spend more time smiling than you might think — and when you pair those rare moments with the “Family Matters” theme song, you get a window onto what “Luke Cage” could look like in another reality.


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Even the official “Luke Cage” Twitter account seems to approve of the fan-made mashup. Just don’t expect it to replace the official “Luke Cage” introduction.

It looks like it’s up to the fans if they want to see a Steve Urkel/Luke Cage crossover.

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