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The first trailer for the new ‘Power Rangers’ movie is deadly serious

Watch the trailer for Lionsgate’s “Power Rangers.”

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers have been swapped out in favor of a super-serious superhero tribe. The first trailer for Lionsgate’s “Power Ranger” reboot is out, and it’s delivering high kicks in colorful suits with deadpan seriousness. 

The first footage debuted at New York Comic-Con to a packed house, but will fans of the ‘90s live-action kids show like this new ultra-resolute gang of rangers? 

Gone away is the playful “Power Rangers” theme song, replaced with yet another super-slow cover, this time it’s singer Halsey with her take on “I Walk The Line.” The cast appears to be a “Breakfast Club” channeling group of outcasts. How they wind up with Zordon (played by “Breaking Bad’s” Bryan Cranston) is still anyone’s guess. 

Also not present in the trailer is the new team’s suits, they’re only briefly hinted at when the Red Power ranger (played by actor Dacre Montgomery) is seen what we can only assume is morphing into his red suit. No mention of the newly designed ranger suits that include cleavage and subtle heels for the women rangers. 


However one big character who does make an appearance is Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa, adding to the peril the new team encounters as she threatens to take out this new crop of Power Rangers as well. 

Looks like the new batch of Power Rangers take morphin very seriously. The reboot hits theaters in March 2017. 


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