Costumes for new ‘Power Rangers’ film include cleavage, built-in heels for female Rangers

The upcoming “Power Rangers” film has revealed the redesigned costumes for the roving band of “teens with attitude” and they are not great.

The costumes themselves, as revealed by Entertainment Weekly, look as though Iron Man and Daft Punk finally settled down and had heavily armored, helmeted babies. But worse than the generic “Transformers”-lite uniforms is what the franchise is choosing to do with the female rangers in particular.

In the original series, all of the rangers had their own signature color and moves, but were banded together in androgyny and homogenization with costumes that lent themselves to the illusion that when in action, the group evolved into something less constrained by human limitations and far more akin to a mighty, morphing mass of powerful rangers.


Those days are long gone, however, as the new female Power Rangers have costumes with fully molded, cleavage-implying breastplates.

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There is an argument to be made that the reason the costumes are so shapely is because it’s translucent extraterrestrial armor that crystallizes around their bodies and the film’s production designer, Andrew Menzies, told EW, “Ours is an alien costume that grows on them, that’s not man-made.”

But even taking Menzies at his word, how does he explain the fact that the female Rangers appear to have high heels built into their suits?

The new costumes show the Yellow and Pink Rangers with wedge heels built right into their armor, because apparently women aren’t fully dressed without high heels that they have no choice but to wear if they want to get ahead in the superhero game.

At least Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa looks cool.

The “Power Rangers” film is due in theaters March 24, 2017.

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