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Art embraces, looks past AIDS

“Make Art / Stop AIDS,” on display through June 15 at the Fowler Museum at UCLA, is meant to be provocative. “Sometimes work is accused of having an agenda as if that were a bad thing,” says curator David Gere. “This is a case where we want the art to have an agenda.” Gere is the brother of actor Richard Gere, who loaned work from his collection to the exhibition. Shown here is the photographic print “HIV Virus on the Surface of a White Blood Cell” (1986) by Lennart Nilsson. (Johansen Krause / Fowler Museum at UCLA)
“Let’s Play Safe-2" (2007), left, by Jiten Thukral and Sumir Tagra is one of more than 60 pieces primarily from the U.S., Brazil, India and South Africa in the Fowler Museum exhibition, co-curated by Robert Sember. In the case at right are Thukral and Tagra’s “Safer Sex Underwear” (2007) and “Condom Flip-Flops” (2007). (Reed Hutchinson / Fowler Museum at UCLA)
A close-up of Jiten Thukral and Sumir Tagra’s “Safer Sex Underwear” (2007). (Don Cole / Fowler Museum at UCLA)
A close-up of Jiten Thukral and Sumir Tagra’s “Condom Flip-Flops” (2007). (Don Cole / Fowler Museum at UCLA)
Gregg Bordowitz’s “Drive” (2003). (Fowler Museum at UCLA)
Fiona Kirkwood’s “Survival” (2003-2005) is made from male and female condoms. (Fowler Museum at UCLA)
Lewis Evans’ digital mosaic “UBAIDS Report Cover Image” (2004). (Fowler Museum at UCLA)
Daniel Goldstein and John Kapellas’ “Medicine Man” (2007) is built from syringes and nearly 300 pill bottles that once contained the artists’ antiviral medications. The work stands 100 inches tall. (Fowler Museum at UCLA)
“Untitled Candle” (1991) by Robert Gober. (Fowler Museum at UCLA)