Islands of L.A.
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Islands of L.A. invite the public to join the discussion

Since last fall, Ari Kletzky has been placing signs across greater Los Angeles -- some identifying his selections for what he has dubbed “Islands of LA Nat’l Park.” This public space, at 4th and San Vicente in Santa Monica, comes with restrictions. (Ari Kletzky / Islands of LA)
The real point of the signs, Kletzky says, is to generate discussion about the proper use of public spaces. Kletzky’s sign has plenty of company at a freeway entrance at Glen Ellen Place and Avenue 52 in Highland Park. (Ari Kletzky / Islands of LA)
What is public? Who owns public space? Who should create public space? Kletzky explores those questions at and includes the Web address on his signs. This island is at Leimert Boulevard and Stocker Place in Leimert Park. (Ari Kletzky / Islands of LA)
At least the island at Hoover Street and Pico Boulevard in Pico-Union has a tree. “We can take hold of these public spaces,” Kletzky says. “It’s a chance to make the city seem more accessible.” (Ari Kletzky / Islands of LA)
Kletzky’s sign mixes with an indigenous crosswalk marker at South Vermont Avenue and 83rd Street in South Los Angeles. The islands, Kletzky says, are often microcosms of the surrounding neighborhood. (Ari Kletzky / Islands of LA)
Lincoln Boulevard and Bali Way in Marina del Rey. Kletzky said he considers the islands temporary stages and has been careful not to harm property when mounting the signs. (Ari Kletzky / Islands of LA)
Sierra Madre Villa Avenue and North Rosemead Boulevard in Pasadena. Kletzky cautions to not get too focused on the signs. “It’s not about the product but the ideas generated,” he says. (Ari Kletzky / Islands of LA)
Abbott Kinney and Washington boulevards in Venice -- another island claimed. (Ari Kletzky / Islands of LA)
Oliver Street and West Pico Boulevard in South Park. (Ari Kletzky / Islands of LA)
Another sign makes its point at Alvarado and Hoover streets in Harvard Heights. (Ari Kletzky / Islands of LA)