Feedback: O.J. Simpson's TV series 'Made in America' ignites debate

Feedback: O.J. Simpson's TV series 'Made in America' ignites debate
O.J. Simpson as a running back at USC. (ESPN / Sundance Film Festival)

Coverage of O.J. Simpson TV Series

Regarding "'O.J.' Series Exec Ponders Diversity Rap" [Jan. 18]. Wow! My mind is boggled at some of the outrageous points made in your lengthy article on Ezra Edelman's docu-series, "O.J. Simpson: Made in America." He refers to Simpson as "this beautiful, charismatic person" and offers "good reasons why those certain of guilt might question their desire for a conviction." The question of race had nothing to do with this vicious double murder and should not have affected the jury's verdict, either. It should have been a simple matter of justice. .


Amy Albani


O.J. Simpson is a narcissistic sociopath whose good life due to his football fame and fortune never gave him a reason to murder until Nicole Brown made the unforgivable mistake of leaving him. Race had nothing to do with it.

Eva Segovia

Laguna Beach

Huffman shines on 'Crime' show

There is no question, Felicity Huffman is a very talented actress ["The Sunday Conversation: Turn to the Dark Side," Jan. 24]. Her portrayal of the different characters on "American Crime" excels in every regard. She knows how to get into the psychology of her characters. "American Crime" is quite an edgy show on a major network. Great acting and storyline. Bravo!

Edie Liberatore

Sherman Oaks

Painkillers have a proper place

As a longtime user of painkillers that have allowed me to remain active and productive, I object to articles, such as "Rock Bottom" [Jan. 22], that only present the problems that people who abuse these medications have brought upon themselves. The apparent rush to protect potential abusers from themselves should not interfere with the use of these medications by people who benefit from them.

Sam Blackman

Los Angeles

Truth and lies and Benghazi


Your "Feedback" section included a comment ["Movie Departs From Reality," Jan. 24] that, not surprisingly for the L.A. Times, reinforces the liberal assertion the government (in this case the House Intelligence Committee) should be trusted to report on itself. Regarding the Benghazi stand-down order, that we the people should believe a gaggle of professional politicians with political motives, including those famous purveyors of truth Obama and Clinton, rather than the brave Americans who were fighting in Benghazi. Ask yourself the simple question, who has reason to lie?

Richard Timmons


Hubert clarifies Oscar boycott

Regarding "Offering Her Take on the Boycott" [Jan. 21]. Wonderful interview with actress Janet Hubert's response to Will and Jada Smith's alleged boycott of this year's Oscar awards. This article was a gem for many reasons, but essentially Hubert dispels any legitimacy for the Smiths' Oscar boycott.

Art Nixon

Los Angeles


There's a simple solution to the perceived bias in the Oscar nomination process — release the vote totals for all nominees, excluding the top five. If Michael B. Jordan or Will Smith or Johnny Depp fell just short of the top five in the best actor category that would go a long way to demonstrating the voters were fair and unbiased.

Lewis Flock