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SMART LIST: Pop culture talking points (Week of Nov. 18)

You will talk about: Amy Adams. A few weeks ago we saw Disney’s “Enchanted” and smiled the entire way through (except for the roach/rat/pigeon scene -- unsanitary and a little too photo-real). But it was the redheaded Adams who truly charmed us. She’s the heart and soul of this movie about a fairy-tale princess who winds up on the mean streets of modern-day New York. We’ve heard rumors that a remake of “Grease” is in the works with Jessica Simpson playing the female lead. Note to development person: Take Simpson out, put Adams in. You may just have a watchable film. (Friday) (Barry Wetcher / Disney)
You could talk about: Opposite ends of the musical spectrum. We never got behind the Amy Winehouse craze. Girl is a train wreck, and her music is derivative (looking at you, Sharon Jones). On a pettier note, we hate her trademark eye makeup too. (The hair extension beehive looks expertly crafted for concealing special treats.) Winehouse’s album “Frank,” originally released in 2003 and finally making it to the U.S., hits shelves the same week as the eponymous debut by last year’s fresh-faced “American Idol” winner Jordin Sparks. We’d like to know how many people plan to buy both. (Tuesday) (AP / Spencer Weiner / LAT)
You should talk about: “Chappelle’s Show: The Complete Season.” Yeah, this show has been packaged and repackaged in all sorts of formats — each of the individual seasons, best of, uncensored, etc., but we think Dave Chappelle is one of the best young comedians of our time. And even though he stomped off the air heroically, or foolishly, depending on your point of view, we think he’s worth talking about. (Tuesday (Erin Patrice O’Brien / Associated Press)
Hmm … will you or won’t you talk about: Celine Dion does daytime. The last time we wrote about a music star showing up on a daytime soap it was Timbaland on “One Life to Live.” This time it’s Celine Dion on ABCs “All My Children,” which makes a whole lot more sense. And if you still want more Dion on the small screen, you can watch her on “The View” a few days later. (Wednesday, Friday) (Paul Chiasson / Associated Press)
You know you want to talk about: Dog show! We were of course aware that each year NBC airs the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. But we were always too busy helping our mom chop stuff on Turkey Day to watch the pageantry properly. What we did not know is that the parade is followed by the National Purina Dog Show! Dogs! Professionally bred! If we weren’t on baked biscuit duty this year, we’d definitely tune in. (Thursday) (Barbara Nitke / Universal)
And we may talk about: Anna Quindlen talks canines. We’re going through a dog thing right now, having recently adopted a furry 8-month-old. So we’re partial to the idea of Quindlen’s book, “Good Dog. Stay,” about her black lab Beau. We can guarantee a tear-jerker ending, but we know a happy pup who can remedy the blues. (Tuesday) (J.T. MacMillen / For the Times)
We will do more than talk about: The two-disc Shake and Shimmy Edition of “Hairspray.” The John Waters classic is one of our favorite films ever. Debbie Harry may not have known how to act, but Rikki Lake knew how to shake it. The musical version of “Hairspray” does not match the original in awesomeness, but it does match it in heart. We rarely buy DVDs, but this disc made the list. (Tuesday) (Bryan Bedder / Getty Images)
You’ll be surprised you’re not laughing when you talk about: Steve Martin’s memoir. Ah, Steve Martin and his many incarnations — absurdist comedian, less-absurdist comedian, movie star, screenwriter, director, New Yorker contributor. He’s a modern-day Woody Allen. (I kid!) He’s got several books under his belt, but this one is about him. Even more interestingly, it deals with his troubled relationship with his dad. It’s called “Born Standing Up: A Comic’s Life.” (Tuesday) (Kevork Djansezian / Associated Press)
We’re curious to know who will talk about: “Hitman.” Sometimes a movie comes along that makes us feel old and out of touch. Or maybe it’s just those movies with really generic titles. We only just learned (from IMDB) that this movie, starring Timothy Olyphant as an assassin named 47, is based on a video game. That made us feel dumb, like we missed Comic-Con this year, but it did help answer our question of who would actually want to see this film: young men who love first-person shooter games. (Friday) (20th Century Fox)
We actually know a person who wants to talk about: “August Rush.” The trailer for this movie about a classical cellist and a street busker who have a child and then never see each other again until said child uses music to reunite them makes us want to punch something. But why is that, we wonder? Do we hate happiness? Music? Precocious kids? Robin Williams (who weirdly, randomly and, unfortunately, pops up)? (Wednesday) ()