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Smart List: Pop culture talking points for the week of (Nov. 25)

Because it’s a slow week we’ll talk about: Will Ferrell in high definition. The entertainment industry is not giving us much to work with this week (the CD releases are especially abysmal), so we feel compelled to point out that the actor has two films coming out in high-def DVD this week: “Old School” and “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy” (pictured). But is it necessary to see Ferrell that clearly? (Tuesday) (Frank Masi / Associated Press)
You won’t talk about: “I Know Who Killed Me.” Here’s the thing about the Lindsay Lohan film, being released on DVD: We kind of want to know what happens in it. Is she two people? Is she one crazy person? Who is trying to kill her? And do they succeed? But we also wanted to know what happened in “The Color of Night,” so we’ve learned our lesson there. (Tuesday) (Tracy Bennett / TriStar Pictures)
You should probably talk about: “The Savages.” It doesn’t really matter what this movie is about (two self-involved siblings dealing with an aging parent). Philip Seymour Hoffman is in the film, and so is Laura Linney. That’s really all you need to know. (Wednesday) (Andrew Schwartz / Fox Searchlight Pictures)
You could talk about: Christmas in New York. We’ve been kind of down on Christmas this year since a mid-November trip to the Grove found us stuck in a gridlocked parking structure for 45 minutes. (We blame overeager holiday shoppers.) But as former New Yorkers, we have a soft spot for Christmas, Manhattan style, which NBC brings to the nation this week with the lighting of the tree at Rockefeller Center and the “Radio City Christmas Spectacular,” being televised for the first time this year. (Wednesday, Saturday, respectively) (Julie Jacobsen / Associated Press)
You might talk about: The unexpected return of “Notes From the Underbelly.” We like Jennifer Westfeldt (third from left -- though you also know her as Jessica of “Kissing Jessica Stein”). We just can’t listen to her talk. Ever. Fifteen seconds is too much. And though we are Eastside L.A.-ers with a growing belly (and not due to Pazzo Gelato), we’re not sure we can tune in to this show. She just talks too much. (Monday) (Bob D’Amico / ABC)
We will talk about: Evil doctors. We don’t watch horror films, but we do love to talk about them. Especially when they tap into a fear we didn’t even know we had. “Awake,” from newcomer Joby Harold, follows what happens when the anesthetic doesn’t work -- during open heart surgery! And then somehow Jessica Alba is supposed to rescue you when your doctors don’t want you to survive the operation anyway. Doctors trying to kill you at your most vulnerable and Jessica Alba comes to the rescue? Now that’s terrifying. (Friday) (Weinstein Co.)
You’ll hear about: The possible end of the writers strike? The last we heard before heading up north on our Thanksgiving vacation, the writers and producers had agreed to get back to negotiating by the beginning of next week. We’re hoping for the best for everyone’s sake. Our art director needs to get back to work! (Monday) (Getty Images)
And because we’re really scraping bottom we might as well talk about: Celebrity birthdays! Jon Stewart turns 45 on the same day that Judd Nelson hits 48. Happy birthday, fellas! (Friday) (EPA)