Grand Theft Auto IV
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Scenes from Grand Theft Auto IV

Some might argue that games as morally bankrupt as the Grand Theft Auto series are leading to the demise of society. (Associated Press)
When an off-screen tryst with a female character is successful, the Xbox achievement you get is called “Warm Coffee,” a nod to the “Hot Coffee” mini-game from the controversial 2005 edition. (Rockstar Games)
There has never been a sandbox so massive and detailed as Grand Theft Auto IV. “Sandbox,” or “open world,” gaming features nonlinear stories with numerous missions and events to be played in any order the gamer chooses. (Rockstar Games)
There aren’t a lot of weapons lying around in easy-to-find places as with previous editions of the Grand Theft Auto series. (Rockstar Games)
As the GTA IV story goes, fresh off a boat from Eastern Europe, Niko Bellic arrives to find a world of crime and opportunity in the vast metropolis of Liberty City, a stand-in for New York(Associated Press)
In GTA IV, Niko hits the streets to chase the “American dream” by beating, crashing and shooting his way to success. (Rockstar Games)
This re-imagined version of Liberty City is a lot closer to the real New York than its predecessor, 2001’s groundbreaking GTA III.  (Rockstar Games)
The real-life-inspired cars (such as Hummers, Hondas and Corvettes) drive more authentically and the inevitable crashes are more accurate (cars dent and people fly through the air upon impact). (Rockstar Games)
The only thing wrong with GTA IV is its main concept — that “it’s good to be bad.” (Rockstar Games)