L.A. Guns
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Hair apparent

L.A. Guns
GUNS NOW: Steve Riley, left, with his current Tracii Guns-less version of L.A. Guns featuring Phil Lewis, Scott Griffin and Stacey Blades

Click here for the story: Hair apparent: Metal bands add a colorful layer to the tradition of post-breakup battling over rights to a group name. (Richard Hartog / Los Angeles Times)
Faster Pussycat
A CAT WTIH CLAWS: Faster Pussycat leader Taime Downe sent his lawyers after fellow founder Brent Muscat after Muscat began touring as Faster Pussycat without him. “It’s my company,” Downe said. “Someone from Starbucks is not going to go out and form another company called Starbucks.” (Richard Hartog / Los Angeles Times)
Jeff Kravitz
GUNS BLAZING: Tracii Guns in an online post after declining to be interviewed for this article: “Phil and Steve were not even the original members of the band ... Now they ... say that I am not ‘real’ version of L.A. Guns?” (Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic.com)
Axl Rose
WHAT’S IN A NAME Guitarist Slash in his new autobiography on his dispute with Axl Rose, above: “I was naive about the whole thing ... I didn’t protect myself legally because I didn’t think I had to. In my mind, what was the name without the players?” (Kari Rene Hall / Los Angeles Times)