Karen Allen
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Karen Allen

COMEBACK: “People all want to know why I haven’t been doing more films,” said the actress, 56. She’s been quite busy with summer theater and selling knitwear in Massachusetts, as it turns out.

Story: Remember Karen Allen? Steven Spielberg did for ‘Indiana Jones’ (Jennifer S. Altman / For the Times)
INDEPENDENT SPIRIT: Allen, ultimately, would enroll in the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan, having dropped out in her young 20s to bum around the West Indies, Jamaica, South America. Back in school she studied machine knitting technologies. “I just felt like I had to create a life for myself where I was more independent,” she said. (Jennifer S. Altman / For the Times)
LOOKING BACK: “I didn’t quite get all the time what he was going for in certain ways, and he didn’t quite get me, how I worked,” she said of her relationship with director Steven Spielberg during the filming of “Raiders.” “I was kind of a much more internally oriented actor, and at times he wanted me to be much more external than I was being.” (Jennifer S. Altman / For the Times)