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PHOTOS: Balloon boy saga

A frame grab from shows a law enforcement officer running toward a homemade helium-filled balloon as it lands near the Denver airport. The balloon, owned by Richard Heene, took off from the yard of the Heene home in Fort Collins, Colo. Authorities at first thought 6-year-old Falcon Heene had climbed into the balloon, prompting a massive search-and-rescue effort. The child was later found at the family home. The balloon floated about 50 miles across Colorado as television viewers watched the event live. (CBS4DENVER.COM)
Father and son
Six-year-old Falcon Heene is shown with his father, Richard, after the boy was found safely inside the family’s home in Fort Collins, Colo. (David Zalubowski / Associated Press)
Hiding space
Falcon Heene, 6, shows where he was purportedly hiding in the garage while officials, who thought he was in the flying-saucer-shaped balloon, conducted their search-and-rescue mission. (David Zalubowski / Associated Press)
Kimberly Hicks, facing camera, hugs Mayumi Heene, the mother of 6-year-old Falcon Heene, after the boy was safely found in the family garage. (David Zalubowski / Associated Press)
Mother and son
Mayumi Heene guides her son Falcon to a news conference. (David Zalubowski / Associated Press)
Front door
Ryo Heene, 8, peeks through his family’s front door as reporters and photographers seek information about his brother Falcon, 6, who was thought to have flown off in an experimental balloon the day before. (Barry Gutierrez / European Pressphoto Agency)
Jarrod Pozarnski of Loveland, Colo., holds a sign at a news conference held by Richard Heene. Sheriff’s investigators were looking into whether the balloon incident was a hoax. (Will Powers / Associated Press)
Larimer County Sheriff Jim Alderden speaks at a news conference in Fort Collins, Colo., on Sunday. Alderden said the balloon incident was a hoax. (Will Powers / Associated Press)
The framework used to launch the balloon sits in the Heene family backyard in Fort Collins, Colo. Officials said Richard and Mayumi Heene will probably face felony charges in the hoax, which was allegedly intended to help land a reality television series. (David Zalubowski / Associated Press)
Richard Heene’s balloon is being held by the Larimer County sheriff in Fort Collins, Colo. When it was adrift, purportedly with a 6-year-old aboard, Denver flights were grounded and the Air National Guard was mobilized. (Will Powers / Associated Press)
Richard Heene, son Falcon and wife Mayumi leave home early Sunday. (David Zalubowski / Associated Press)
Signs of support
Signs of support adorn the outside of the Heene family home in October. (Chris Schneider / Associated Press)
Mayumi Heene arrives at her lawyer’s office with children Falcon, 6 (from left), Bradford, 10, and Ryo, 9. (Barry Gutierrez / Associated Press)
Reporters surround Richard and Mayumi Heene at the Larimer County Courthouse, where they pleaded guilty to charges related to the alleged balloon hoax. Richard Heene pleaded guilty to a felony count of falsely influencing the sheriff, and Mayumi Heene pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of knowingly filing a false report with emergency services. (Matt McClain / Getty Images)