Christina Aguilera and Mick Jagger
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Rolling Stones

Christina Aguilera and Mick Jagger
START ‘EM UP: Guest Christina Aguilera and Mick Jagger at New York’s Beacon Theatre. (Paramount Vantage)
The Stones and Buddy Guy
HELP FROM A FRIEND: Blues great Buddy Guy joins the Rolling Stones on stage. (Paramount Vantage)
Stones & Scorsese
ANOTHER TAKE: Jagger, left, during the filming of “Shine A Light,” confers with cinematographer Robert Richardson and director Martin Scorsese, who set the bar high with “The Last Waltz.” (Paramount Vantage)
The Rolling Stones
IN THE MOMENT: The Rolling Stones, from left, Mick Jagger, Ronnie Wood, Keith Richards and Charlie Watts, filmed in 2006. The Scorsese project, says Richards, is “not just about the band ... it’s a rock show painted by a Rembrandt.” (Paramount Vantage)
Gimme Shelter
CAPTURING THE CHAOS: The Maysales brothers’ 1970 documentary, “Gimme Shelter,” included a sequence in which the Hells Angels turn on the crowd while the Stones are performing. Above, Jagger at Madison Square Garden in the film. (A Maysles Films Inc.)