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Love triangles of TV and film

Love triangles are the stuff of Hollywood tradition, and the mixed-up relationship between Edward (Robert Pattinson), Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Jacob (Taylor Lautner) is no exception. The “Twilight” trio has been at the forefront of triangles for a few years now, with fans taking sides, joining Team Edward or Team Jacob to back their favorite guy. The frenzy started when Bella fell head over heels for her vampire classmate Edward. But when he broke her heart, it was werewolf buddy Jacob who was there to pick up the pieces. Here’s a look at some of Hollywood’s scandalous fictional love triangles. (Spoiler heavy). (Summit Entertainment)
‘Scott Pilgrim vs. The World’
Angles of the love triangle: Lovable loser Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera) gets a groupie grilfriend, Knives (Ellen Wong), whom he does genuinely care for, though she’s a bit young. Then along comes Ramona (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), and Scott is thrown for an infatuated loop. He keeps going out with Knives, knowing that Ramona is his true love.

Final equation: Scott and Knives make beautiful music together as they combine to take down the seventh of Ramona’s evil exes, Gideon Graves (Jason Schwartzmann). But even Knives realizes that all this fighting that Scott has done has been for the love of Ramona and ends up encouraging him to follow his heart. (Universal Pictures)
‘Gossip Girl’
Angles of the love triangle: Before she watched a guy OD and before she ran off to boarding school, Serena van der Woodsen slept with Nate Archibald. Upon returning to New York, she dated Dan. That went on for a while. Eventually, she went back to Nate. But Dan Humphrey wanted her too. So they told her she had to choose. She did. But timing was never Serena’s strong suit and the complications and double-crossings of “Gossip Girl” kept her star-crossed fate sealed.

Final equation: As with everything else on the show, this plot line has been dropped and picked up so many times that it’s hard to declare a final mash-up. Anyone who finds clear victory today is just as likely to be found sobbing in a pillow or hooking up with Georgina Sparks tomorrow. Not to mention the fact that Serena’s best friend Blair Waldorf sparked the interest of one Lonely Boy Dan Humphrey. Drama, drama, drama. (Patrick Harbron / The CW; Giovanni Rufino / The CW)
‘Vampire Diaries’
Angles of the love triangle: Once upon a time in a small town in Civil War-era Virginia, brothers and best friends Stefan and Damon Salvatore fell hard for the same woman: Katherine, a cunning beauty with brown ringlet curls and hoop skirts. She turned out to be a vampire, naturally. And being with her led to their equally eternal fates. And -- they believed -- a century or so for her in an underground tomb. Stefan (Paul Wesley) seemed to move on and was lucky to live long enough to master a James Dean attitude. Damon (Ian Somerhalder) never really got over it and can have some rage issues.

Final equation: Spike ahead a century and a half and we’re back in this bewitching small town. Find a new brunet -- this one named Elena -- who bears a striking resemblance to Katherine (as she should; both characters are played by Nina Dobrev) and the same brotherly strife is bound to surface. Elena and Stefan were together for a while, until he went on a blood-sucking bender, switching up the good brother vs. bad brother dynamic. And Stefan’s temporary absence hasn’t stopped Damon from trying to get back into Elena’s good graces. (Andrew Eccles / The CW)
Angles of the love triangle: Quinn (Dianna Agron) and Finn (Corey Monteith) were the head cheerleader/quarterback of the football team dream pair. Then came Rachel (Lea Michele) and the glee club, one of the many factors pulling Finn away from the football team and away from Quinn. When Quinn gets pregnant with (supposedly) Finn’s kid, complications arise. Oh, and there’s also Puck (Mark Salling), best friend of Finn’s and the actual father of the kid. He later has a fling with Rachel.

Final equation: Who knows if it’s really been resolved emotionally? Rachel and Finn are finally together. Puck has smoothed it out with Rachel and is not with Quinn, who is on to bigger things (like a child and just getting her life back on track). It’s a pretty fluid situation in high school romance. (Carin Baer / FOX)
‘Bridget Jones’s Diary’
Angles of the love triangle: British single gal Bridget Jones (Renee Zellweger) hooks up with her boss Daniel (Hugh Grant) for a naughty fling, his pickup line via e-mail being, “You appear to have forgotten your skirt.” The affair takes Bridget from tragic spinster to wanton sex goddess; until she finds out he’s seeing someone else. She quits her job to become a TV journalist and eventually warms to a smug family friend named Mark (Colin Firth).

Final equation: Bridget knows that Mark and Daniel can’t stand each other and later learns that Daniel actually slept with Mark’s wife (she was led to believe the opposite). In the end (of the first film) she finds love with Mark. (Universal)
‘Dawson’s Creek’
Angles of the love triangle: The on-again, off-again relationship missteps of Joey ( Katie Holmes), her childhood best friend (Dawson, played by James Van Der Beek) and his friend (Pacey, played by Joshua Jackson) filled six seasons of angst-laden television. Joey believes Dawson is her soulmate, but the attraction to Pacey is undeniable.

Final equation: Pacey and Joey date, break up and make up and even have relationships with other people before the series finale reveals that in the end, the two wind up together. (Warner Bros.)
‘It’s Complicated’
Angles of the love triangle: Jake (Alec Baldwin) and Jane (Meryl Streep) were married, but that was a long time ago. They’ve been divorced for 10 years and their kids are leaving the nest. When the former couple reconnects at their son’s college graduation they begin a hot love affair, even though Jake is trying to start a family with his much younger new wife.

Final equation: Jane likes being the “other woman,” but she’s also looking for a real relationship. That’s where Adam (Steve Martin) enters the picture, a successful and sensitive architect who is redesigning her kitchen. Of course, Jake’s marriage falls apart and Adam finds out about the affair. Jake and Jane end the relationship, leaving Jane free to pursue a life with Adam. (Universal)
Angles of the love triangle: The beginning of the show opens with Felicity ( Keri Russell) deciding to abandon her previous college plans and follow her high school crush Ben (Scott Speedman) to his university in New York. On her quest to start a relationship with Ben, she meets resident advisor Noel ( Scott Foley), whom she also falls in love with.

Final equation: After a roller coaster of events that included a major hair cut, fist fight and time travel, the series comes full circle with Felicity’s final decision to be with Ben. (Touchstone Television)
Angles of the love triangle: Shopgirl Mirabelle (Claire Danes), who works the evening glove counter at Saks, meets a hapless, broke, graphic designer named Jeremy (Jason Schwartzman) at the laundromat. Their first date leads nowhere and soon Mirabelle meets another man, Ray Porter (Steve Martin). He’s older and smart, successful and rich, but always keeps her at arm’s length.

Final equation: Mirabelle leaves Ray and her job at Saks, opting to work the desk at an art gallery instead. She reconnects with Jeremy, who now has a better understanding of life and love. It is later revealed that Ray only kept her at a distance to keep from hurting himself, but Mirabelle stays with Jeremy instead. (Buena Vista Pictures)
‘Ugly Betty’
Angles of the love triangle: All seems well in relationshipland with Betty (America Ferrera) and her first love, Henry (Christopher Gorham), until it’s revealed he’s a soon-to-be baby daddy. Things get even more complicated when handsome deli shop worker Gio (Freddy Rodriguez) comes into the picture and woos Betty with his smooth talk and sandwich-making ways. Soon Henry and Gio jockey for Betty’s affection and Betty must choose between the geeky accountant or the hot-tempered Italian.

Final equation: Much to the chagrin of Henry and Gio, Betty chooses neither dueling beaus, and instead goes on a summer road trip of self discovery. (ABC)
‘Something’s Gotta Give’
Angles of the love triangle: Sixtysomething playboy Harry Sanborn (Jack Nicholson) is enjoying the Hamptons with his under-30 girlfriend Marin (Amanda Peet), until he suffers a heart attack. Forced to stay with her mother Erica (Diane Keaton), he soon finds he’s attracted to her too.

Final equation: Marin moves on and things start to go sour between Erica and Harry when she sees him out with another woman. Erica, a playwright, takes her frustrations to the stage and starts seeing a young doctor (Keanu Reeves). Over time, Erica forgives Harry and breaks things off with Dr. Julian and the couple gets married. (Columbia)
‘Gilmore Girls’
Angles of the love triangle: Rory ( Alexis Bledel), the small town teen with her head constantly buried in books, faces the age-old dilemma of good guy vs. bad guy with her struggle between Dean (Jared Padalecki) and Jess (Milo Ventimiglia). Though Rory’s first kiss was with Dean, his jealousy of Jess causes Rory and Dean’s relationship to fall apart.

Final equation: Rory vacillates between the two for awhile, but in the end she leaves both high school relationships behind and focuses on the college scene. (Warner Bros.)
‘Beverly Hills 90210'
Angles of the love triangle: In a show that averaged multiple love triangles a season, one that really stands out is Dylan (Luke Perry), Kelly (Jennie Garth) and Brandon (Jason Priestly). At the time, Dylan and Kelly were dating, but she ended up kissing Brandon during a school trip.

Final equation: Breakups and makeups ensue and at one point Brandon and Kelly even get engaged. In the end though, Dylan and Kelly get back together. (Fox)
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