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Comics on Comics: Adam McKay on Matt Braunger

“Matt Braunger. You know what I like about him? And here’s a sign that I’m 43 years old. First off, he really makes me laugh. But also, I can watch him with my daughter. My 10-year-old daughter really likes him too. And in a smart way, she gets it. And he’s not, like, filthy dirty. He’s very likeable and fun, and yet it’s smart at the same time.

You know where I’ve seen Matt Braunger? I literally go on YouTube and I get all his videos, and we sit and watch him. I’ve never seen him live. I’ve just seen tapes and we’re big fans. Having two kids, I don’t get out to see stand up much anymore. Yeah, Matt Braunger really makes me laugh, I like that guy a lot.”

— As told to Deborah Vankin

Matt Braunger will perform on Tuesday at the Hollywood Improv, 8162 Melrose Ave. 8 p.m. $14 (323) 651-2583;


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