‘King’s Speech’ set to gain on ‘Social Network’s’ box office take

‘King’s Speech’ closes in on ‘Social Network’

Just as “The King’s Speech” made a late surge in Hollywood’s awards race, pulling in more Oscar nominations than early favorite “The Social Network,” the British drama looks like it will also soon break past the Facebook movie at the box office.

On its 12th weekend in theaters, “The King’s Speech” sold $7.4 million in tickets, down a negligible 4% from the previous weekend. That’s particularly impressive given that it played in 321 fewer theaters this weekend than last.

Its box-office total is now $93.9 million. “The Social Network,” meanwhile, stands at $96.6 million as it wraps up a theatrical re-release following its eight Oscar nominations; the film is already out on DVD.


Given its momentum, “The King’s Speech” is almost certain to pass “The Social Network” by the end of the week. Coming off a string of recent award wins and heading into the Oscars on Feb. 27, where it has 12 nominations, the drama starring Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham Carter is still a strong draw for moviegoers.

“The King’s Speech” is putting on a phenomenal performance for a low-budget release from an independent studio, placing it alongside this award season’s other surprise smash hit, “Black Swan.” The psychological thriller set in the world of ballet is only inches away from the $100-million mark, with a current box-office tally of $99.4 million.

— Amy Kaufman and Ben Fritz