‘The King’s Speech’ leads Oscar nominations

A roundup of Tuesday morning’s arts and entertainment headlines:

“The King’s Speech” leads the 2011 Oscar race with 12 nominations, including best picture, director (Tom Hooper), actor (Colin Firth), supporting actress (Helena Bonham Carter) and supporting actor (Geoffrey Rush). (Los Angeles Times)

Bret Michaels undergoes heart surgery. (Los Angeles Times)

The Antaeus Company’s “King Lear” tops the Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle nominations. (Variety)


Santa Barbara Film Festival picks the cast of “The King’s Speech” as best motion picture ensemble. (Awards Tracker)

A singing waitress reportedly loses her job after auditioning for “American Idol.” (TMZ)

Mary Harvey has a thing or two to say about her ex-husband, comedian Steve Harvey -- and she’s taken to YouTube to say it. (Los Angeles Times)

“Batman’s” Julie Newmar gives her seal of approval to new “Dark Knight Rises” Catwoman Anne Hathaway. (Los Angeles Times)


Bristol Palin has a new boyfriend. (People)

Kelsey Grammer launches a production company for reality TV shows. (Variety)

Surprise! Shangela is back on “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” (Show Tracker)

Is Walt Disney Studios chief Rich Ross scouring Sundance for directors? (Los Angeles Times)


Chloe Moritz tweets that she’s filming a guest spot on “30 Rock.” (MovieLine)

Ted Williams, the homeless man with the golden voice, has reportedly quit rehab. (People)

Sorry “Matrix” fans -- rumors of two sequels are false. (Vulture)

-- Lisa Fung


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