Fast Track: Kim Kardashian is changing her last name

A roundup of entertainment headlines for Wednesday.

Kim Kardashian is changing her last name to Humphries. Care to wager on how long that will last? (TMZ)

Got shut out of this year’s sold-out Coachella? Next year, you’ll have two chances to see the same bands. But buy your tickets now. Want to know who’s playing? Tough. Buy your tickets. (Los Angeles Times)

USC is opening an animation center named after DreamWorks Animation honcho Jeffrey Katzenberg and wife Marilyn. (Los Angeles Times)


DC Comics will restart all of its comics with issue No. 1 in September. (Los Angeles Times)

Here’s a first look at Russell Brand in “Rock of Ages,” though it looks as if Alec Baldwin is auditioning for “The Billy Ray Cyrus Story.” (Los Angeles Times)

On Tuesday, photos reportedly showing “Gossip Girl” star Blake Lively in her birthday suit hit the Net. Blake Lively’s people say no way it’s her and will sue anyone who publishes. Peep at your own peril. (Celebuzz)

Jane Lynch skewered Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin (and “Glee” and the Daily) at a News Corp.-sponsored event. (Hollywood Reporter)

Patrick Dempsey says he’s leaving “Grey’s Anatomy” when his contract is up. His people say that was “taken out of context.” We say: “Grey’s Anatomy” is still on? (Entertainment Weekly)

“Walking Dead” producer Frank Darabont worries that budget cuts will hurt his show. (Hollywood Reporter)

Next year’s prime post-Super Bowl slot will go to “The Voice.” (Los Angeles Times)

Rob Lowe and Bradley Cooper are going on British TV and bashing Sarah Jessica Parker. (Evening Standard)


-- Patrick Kevin Day

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