Fast Track: Is Katie Couric headed to a new network?

A roundup of entertainment headlines for Thursday.

Katie Couric is likely headed to ABC with her syndicated talk show. (Hollywood Reporter)

But Katie’s big payday could mean the end of “General Hospital.” (TMZ)

Reality honcho Mark Burnett will be producing the Emmy Awards this year. Here’s hoping the nominees will be voted off the show one at a time. (Los Angeles Times)


Jackie Cooper, one of the few child actors who successfully transitioned to an acting career as an adult, has died at age 88. (Los Angeles Times)

Report: Neil Patrick Harris will be hosting the Tony Awards again. (Los Angeles Times)

Handsome “Hangover” guy Bradley Cooper is in talks to play the devil in a big budget 3-D adaptation of ... “Paradise Lost”?!? Do you think English profs are giddy or weeping at this news? (Variety)

The always-classy Jesse James is on the comeback trail! He now says Kat Von D is better in bed than Sandra Bullock. Yes sir, that reputation will be repaired in no time.... (Radar Online)

Pepsi is attempting to combine social networking and the old-fashioned vending machine. Is that a good idea? (Ad Week)

“Glee” is headed to the big screen in 3-D. Thankfully, it’s just the singing parts. No one still watches it for the plot, do they? (Los Angeles Times)

A new study shows gender bias in childrens books. (a.k.a.: the Babar-Peter Rabbit-Curious George conspiracy). (New York Times)

Virginia’s governor reveals that Spielberg is headed to his state to film “Lincoln.” (On Location Vacations)


-- Patrick Kevin Day

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