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Fast Track: ‘Beginners,’ ‘Tree of Life’ tie for Gotham top honors

A roundup of entertainment headlines for Tuesday.

“Beginners” and “Tree of Life” tied for top honors at the Gotham Film Awards. Let the awards-bestowing season commence! (Los Angeles Times)

Broadway grosses are up, even as tickets are sold for fewer shows. (Los Angeles Times)

Based on testimony at Dr. Conrad Murray’s trial, Michael Jackson’s comeback may not have been the amazing thing it was promised to be. Murray is slated to be sentenced Tuesday. (Los Angeles Times)


Guy Ritchie says marriage to Madonna was a “soap opera.” (Los Angeles Times)

Microsoft may be getting into the scripted television game. (Deadline)

The “fake” 3-D movies of 2011 fared worse with critics than “true” 3-D movies. General audiences felt the opposite. (Slash Film)

TLC’s T-Boz has reportedly filed for bankruptcy protection. (TMZ)


Seth Rogen says the motion picture academy left James Franco out to dry at last year’s Oscars (Variety)

A New York Post article shows that Wyclef Jean’s Haiti charity didn’t spend its millions wisely.  But Jean disputes it. (Los Angeles Times)

Internet security company Norton is sponsoring 24 hours of Stuff Theater, in which actors will dramatize Facebook status updates. (New York Times)

Sugarland singer Jennifer Nettles got married to her entrepreneur boyfriend, Justin Miller. (Los Angeles Times)

A new book points out that Hedy Lamarr was the inventor of more than just the first theatrical-film orgasm. (Los Angeles Times)

Miley Cyrus’ “Liberty Walk” video leaves some scratching their heads, others cheering. (Los Angeles Times)

After suffering two miscarriages, Lily Allen has  given birth to a baby girl. (Los Angeles Times)

-- Patrick Kevin Day


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