‘Magic Mike’ trailer: It’s all a striptease teaser can deliver

Channing Tatum is just a boy with a dream. And six-pack abs, an endless wad of dollar bills and a shirtless emcee played by Matthew McConaughey.

At least this is what a teaser trailer teaches us about the forthcoming “Magic Mike,” the summer skin fest from Steven Soderbergh that follows a pack of male strippers chasing dreams, women and painless hair-removal systems.

The trailer for the “Magic Mike,” a film based on the exotic dance experiences of Tatum before his acting career took off, reveals a bit more than we already knew about title character, Mike. He’s an artful hustler depositing large sums at the bank in business suits by day, then working the main stage and bachelorette parties in skimpy costumes by night.

He’s got a knack for furniture design too, but apparently also needs to gyrate on it to raise capital before his IKEA dreams can become reality. Sadly we don’t see much of the supporting cast, but Alex Pettyfer and “True Blood’s” Joe Manganiello pop up (costars Matt Bomer and Kevin Nash are nowhere to be seen).


To tide you over until the June 29 release, take this gem of McConaughey dialogue, delivered as his character educates a throng of patrons on the nuances of strip-club behavior.

“The law says you cannot touch,” he tells the women. “But I think I see a lot of law breakers up in this house tonight.”


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