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Randy Travis crashes car, arrested on suspicion of drunk driving

Randy Travis was arrested Tuesday night on suspicion of driving while intoxicated on the streets of Texas, under “The Honky Tonk Moon.” (We couldn’t resist.)

The country singer, 53, crashed his car just before midnight, TMZ reported, and was booked on a “retaliation and obstruction charge” after refusing a Breathalyzer test. He was “buck naked,” according to the website’s sources, and beyond a couple cuts and bruises, uninjured.

This isn’t his first alcohol-related mishap. Travis was arrested for public intoxication in February, after officers found him parked outside a church in a ’98 Pontiac with an open bottle of wine in his passenger seat.

The Dallas/Fort Worth-area resident told police at the time that he’d been fighting with his girlfriend and later apologized for his drunken behavior, according to People.



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