Mariah Carey gets a star-studded welcome to ‘American Idol’

The news that Mariah Carey will be the next luxuriously paid “American Idol” judge has inspired glittering celebrity reactions.

“Welcome to the fam @MariahCarey!!,” Ryan Seacrest wrote to the 42-year-old diva before referencing her hubby and young twins. “When u and @nickcannon need a date night, I’m happy to strap on the double baby bjorn.”

“Idol” Season 6 winner Jordin Sparks chimed in: “I can’t wait to watch @mariahcarey as a judge!! I LOVE her!!”

Perez Hilton dunked his support in a vat of snark: “Ha! I’m actually going to start watching again! #TeamMimi.”


And, in a unexpected attempt to join the virtual conversation, “Star Trek” actor Leonard Nimoy made a funny: “Mariah Carey got the ‘American Idol’ job replacing Jennifer Lopez. I was hoping to get the call. I would have been less expensive. LLAP.” That acronym, by the way, stands for “Live long and prosper,” for the non-Trekkies in the audience.

Birthday girl J-Lo, who has reportedly had an on-and-off beef with Carey, sort of sang the new judge’s praises to E! News. “She’s a musician for a long time, she has a lot of experience,” the “Dance Again” singer said. “And it’s that experience you offer them at the end of the day, the contestants just want to get better and grow through the process.”

(Wait, does that simply mean, “You’re almost as old as I am, lady, and don’t you forget it”? Hmm.)

The high-note goddess herself released a statement, tweeting, “It’s gonna be so much fun working on @AmericanIdol. As a singer-songwriter, I’m excited to help find and nurture new talent.”


Fox Entertainment President Kevin Reilly broke the news Monday when he called the pop star on his phone to share the news with television journalists during a press tour in Beverly Hills, according to the Los Angeles Times’ Show Tracker blog.


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