Ben Affleck keeps in touch with Jennifer Lopez, Gwyneth Paltrow


Not every Hollywood romance has to end in disaster or tragedy. Take it from Ben Affleck: The “Argo” director is still on civil terms with exes such as Jennifer Lopez, Gwyneth Paltrow and even his high school sweetheart.

Making the rounds to promote his well-received hostage flick, Affleck opened up about contact with his exes despite marrying actress Jennifer Garner in 2005.

“We don’t have the kind of relationship where she relies on me for advice,” Affleck told the Hollywood Reporter about Lopez, “but we do have the kind of relationship where there’ll be an email saying, ‘Oh, your movie looks great.’”


Affleck and Lopez weathered a staggering amount of media attention during their courtship, both later admitting it was the cause of their breakup in 2004. Still he didn’t shy from congratulating J. Lo on a multimillion-dollar stint on “American Idol.”

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“I remember when she got ‘American Idol.’ I said: ‘This was really smart. Good luck.’ I touch base. I respect her. I like her. She’s put up with some stuff that was unfair in her life, and I’m really pleased to see her successful,” Affleck said.

The Reporter confirms he’s also in touch with Paltrow, whom he dated from 1997 to 2000, and a high school girlfriend named Cheyenne Rothman. We get it Ben, you’re cool on both sides of the relationship.

He’s not bad in a marriage either, with some sweet words for Garner.

“She truly is kind,” he said of the mother of his three kids. “She means no one any harm. She doesn’t have ill will for any person. She’s not competitive with other people. She’s not spiteful.”


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