Meet Colt Prattes: Pink’s moving, muscled costar in ‘Try’ video

Meet Colt Prattes: He’s the young man who costars with Pink in the video the pop star released Tuesday, for her new single “Try.”

Sensual, stunning and a bit sad, “Try” has a fiercely choreographed interpretation of the Apache dance, one that’s earned praise for Pink and the able-bodied Prattes. The Ministry called Colt at home in Las Vegas and uncovered the following essentials:

He’s been a dancer since high school: And he did it for the ladies.

“I kind of got into it to meet girls,” Prattes admitted, but he followed the craft to the University of Cincinnati, where he received a bachelor of fine arts. He’s toured nationally in musicals and on Broadway in “West Side Story” and “How to Succeed in Business” with Daniel Radcliffe.


Pink was no joke: Prattes said that from the moment the pair started rehearsals for the video, below, Pink brought her A-game long before they were on a sound stage, with extensive aerial and dance practice.

“I walked up behind her for that first moment and she started singing,” he said. “It was right in my ear. It’s like she barely took breaths. She’s a powerhouse.”

(Note: If Pink rehearsed the number live, it’s a strong suggestion she’ll be re-creating the Apache on her upcoming tour).

No Carey Hart nerves: For such an intimate performance, one might expect Prattes to have some nerves over Pink’s edgy baby daddy Hart, But there were none.

“If anything, growing up the X Games was my life, I was huge into motocross, I was watching him the first time he did a back flip. I’m going to be nervous to meet him because … he’s my idol,” Prattes said.

He’s spoken for: Colt is engaged to Angelina Mullins, with whom he shares two dogs and a fitness company on the side called Ripped Together.

He’s already been suggested for ’50 Shades of Grey’: On Twitter, naturally, fans have taken one look at what he’s working with and suggested him for the brooding, BDSM-inclined hero of E.L. James’ popular novels.

“I love that. I would love the opportunity. It’s funny because my fiancee calls me her Ken doll. She’ll dress me in certain ways she wants and ... she always says if she put me in a suit, I’d be ’50 Shades.’ ”


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